Society. Judge, jury & executioner of the 21st century

“This dress is too short, what will people think of me?” is the first thought that runs through the shy girl’s mind as she stands in front of the mirror. Despite the fact that it looks beautiful on her, she finally opts not to dawn it. Why? It’s not because she was taught to consider what other people think. No not at all. Rather she has been tortured into believing so. One of the most impossible feats is planting an idea in the human mind and convincing it that it made the idea on it’s own. And sadly I have to congratulate the so called “Society” for achieving this feat. What is society or rather who is, let me give you a hint it starts with me and ends with you. What’s the first thought when you see a drunk man staggering home singing zilizopendwa among other genres after deciding to take one for the road which obviously turned to many for the highway(pun intended). Well typically it would be, “Such an irresponsible guy,” another’s would be “Alcohol, aaahh doesn’t have a future.” Well those inner voices are society. The mere fact that our first thoughts rush to judge rather than understand makes each and every one of us the so called society. Society is the blanket we use to cover up our human nature where we tend to act as judge, jury and executioner. Back to our lady friend for instance, she is afraid of being seen in a short dress not because it won’t look beautiful on her but rather because “society” will perceive her as promiscuous(for lack of a better word). Society has fed us these rules that don’t make sense but still apply. We saw the drunk man as irresponsible and hopeless but we did not take our time to look at what drove him into taking such a path in life. Society are incepted ideas into our heads that seem of our own making but in real sense, they are meaningless. So to that friend of ours out there, don’t limit your happiness because of your own thoughts. Overrule society. Do what makes you happy and what is right. But then what is right or wrong? Society controls everything. At the end of the day, it seems that we don’t have a choice or maybe society has made it seem that way

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